Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes we ask Why??

I think that each of us as humans at some point in the journey of our trials and tribulations ask the question why me. I am not sure when the last time I asked God that but I awoke this morning from twinges of pain and I stopped myself from asking that question as God reminded me of something. He said "when I think of my children I only think in terms of what can be used towards your good, toward my plan for you, and, toward your future."

I think sometimes it is so easy to forget that God only wants great things for his children and sometimes we allow the enemy to work his way into our thoughts and make us question Gods intentions. I think that God uses the things in our past to inspire individuals in our future and give them hope.

We sometimes wonder what life would have been like if something may not have happened the way it did, but I think that God gives us a wealth of knowledge from those experiences and it is up to us to use that knowledge to minister to others that may be facing the same trials in the future. There are so many people in our everyday lives that are lost, they need hope, they need to know there is a God and that he is there for them. As Christians we need to step up and leave that legacy of faith with these individuals, no matter what they are going through each of these people are worth it!

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