Monday, August 23, 2010

Strong at the Roots!

I think everyone agrees that a house will crumble without a strong foundation. I believe the same is true for a women and her spirit. A solid lineage of strong, faithful, loving women is a hidden blessing for us as we grow into mature women ourselves. We take on the characteristics of women from even the highest branches in our family tree. I know that my mom has passed so many wonderful things to me from not only her mother but also my great-grandmother and further. I have learned how to be a great home-maker for my husband and children because of my mother and I believe she would say the same thing about her mother as well.

I say all of that because I feel that the strong spirit that I have through this battle has been passed down from woman to woman in my family until it reached me in this hard time of my life. Each of the women in my family have been through many trials and tribulations and each of them have looked up into the heavens and allowed God to carry them over each of the speedbumps, through the rapids, and right to the finish line. I have saw my mother triumph through many hardships from her own health problems, to loosing her mother, father, and only sister at a very early age. My mother and I do not always see eye to eye on everything but I think we both agree whole heartedly that Our Hevenly Father is faithful. My mother has became one of my best friends as I have grown into a women and I thank her for raising me in an enviroment where I learned that giving my life to Christ was the way to go. I know without the solid foundation she gave me in life I would not be standing as strong as I am today. Thank you mom!! I love you very much!!

My mother is an amazing, giving, talented, loving individual and I thank God for choosing her to be the woman to raise me. I dont know how I would be getting through this without her.

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