Thursday, August 5, 2010


The beginning of this beautiful humpday was very relaxing. Damola and I slept in till almost 9:30 (for anyone with kids you know that is sleeping in). My first appontment for today was not until 3:oo pm so we took our time getting ready and spent most of the first part of the day educating our self on every aspect of Breast Cancer. I think over the past 2 weeks I have obtained so many books, pamphlets and handouts I could start my own education center.

I remember looking at my appointment packet to see if there were any specific instructions for my 3:00 o'clock appointment which was for an MRI. Below the instructions was a footnote that stated "if you would like sedation during your MRI please inform the representative at the front desk when you check in". My first thought was why in the world would anyone be so anxious they would need sedation, then I entered the mini-me space chamber. I believe it was truly the most awkward and uncomfortable thing I have every experienced. I just knew that I was getting ready to have my first panic attack. My breathing got very fast, I began sweating, and my toes were curling then I remembered the words of the technician "If you need to stop the procedure immediately please squeeze the bulb in your left hand." Just as I was getting ready to squeeze I remembered words that were much more important "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I then prayed for the first ten minutes of my MRI and repeated that verse over and over in my head. All of my anxieties were lifted and the test ended up being a breeze after that. I think that sometimes we forget that if we know Gods word we always have the weapons to fight anything that comes our way.

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