Saturday, August 21, 2010

For Better Or Worse!!

I have told myself through this entire journey that I must make sure to see my blessings through this hard time in my life. I have found so many blessings through this already from the wonderful support of friends and family to the closeness I have found with God through this but I think the largest blessing of all has been right in front of me from day one. That blessing is my husband. I think God knew from the time I was a little girl that I would be going through this journey at an early age and he made sure to give me a spouse that was caring, compassionate, smart, loving, and most of all a man of God. Through everything Damola somehow always knows at what time to comfort me, what time to make me laugh and what time to reassure me with the words of Christ. I could not ask for a more Amazing man to stand by my side through all of this.

I think that it is so important to step back and see how great the people in your life really are. It has been easy for me to be self-absorbed during this time in my life and I was talking to a good friend last night on the phone and she said something that made me reflect on how truly wonderful Damola is. I was telling her that the most romantic time we have right now is him showering me LOL:) She responded by saying those are the times when you all grow old together that you will look back on and think they are the most romantic times of all.

I know that he left work, our children, and home with not a second thought. He also took on every daily task of mine and his that I have had in my routine for so long without one complaint. When I stood at the alter on our wedding day I knew that the vows we took for one another were real but to see how a man turns those words into actions is the most beautiful thing a women could ask for in a husband.

Father, Thank you for my husband! I know that from the day you created me you knew he would be the perfect man for me and of course you were so right. Help me to not always be so self consumed with my needs Lord, help me to meet his as well. I know that when I am in pain, he is in pain too. Please comfort him and give him strength to continue to be the amazing caretaker he is. Multiply his time and give him a heart of wisdom!! My husband has showed more love for me than himself and I know that you are the one that makes that possible. The love he has for me is a love that is not possible without you LORD. I ask you Father to help mold me into the wife you made me to be even through cancer treatments. Holy Spirit come into my heart and home to stay and make me a joyous person for my husband to be around! In your precious sons name I pray.. AMEN

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. Ephesians 5:21



  1. Shew woman! You made me cry!

  2. LOVELY!! Thanks for making me cry too. God sure does know what HE is doing and for that I am so greatful!